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Have a seat at our table!

  • As all Italians, we love cooking and most of all...eating! We think that the best way to enjoy our meals is to share it with people who ar enot used to it... better witha glass of wine!
  • We are a team made up of young women and men who si passionate about food and our vision is to bring to every houses in the world a piece of our great gastronomic culture.... in one box!
Have a seat at our table!

Our values

That make the best recipe

Rispetto (Respect):

It is the value that builds trust from within. The satisfaction of our customers comes from the trust given from the beginning and the mutual respect.

Italiano (Italian):

The country where we were born, the gastronomic culture we want to spread around the world, the place where our ideas are born.

Crescita (Growth):

Innovation is our driving force, which allows us to grow and always come up with new ideas that are up to date and appreciated by the audience.

Eccellenza (Excellence):

From the search for the ingredients to the final result: we want to send a message with our products that conveys high quality excellence.

Trasparenza (Transparency):

Our decisions are clear and transparent, as are our results.

Team (Team):

The team is everything: in order to achieve the goals, the efforts of each and every one of us are indispensable. If we lose, we lose together. When we win, we win together.

Audacia (Audacity):

We love challenges, are goal-oriented and don't let the difficulties on the way put us off.

Our Team

our team

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